As part of the festivities surrounding the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Quebec

The Diocese of Quebec will celebrate 350 years of existence in 2024 (1774-2024). The program of activities for this Jubilee is not yet specified, but it is already known that the Holy Door of Notre-Dame de Québec will be opened on December 8, 2023 to mark the inauguration of the Jubilee Year. This jubilee year will conclude on December 8, 2024.

This Holy Door, the only one outside of Europe, welcomes people from all walks of life who wish to make a spiritual journey through it. For Christians, this symbolic passage is lived through Jesus Christ.

In its inaugural year, in 2014, 335,000 people crossed the threshold of this unique Holy Door in America. It was also unsealed for the « Jubilee of Mercy » called by Pope Francis (2015-2016). Presumably, the Door will also be opened for the Universal Catholic Church’s Jubilee 2025, which will eventually be proclaimed by the Holy Father at a date unknown at this time.

Preparations for the 350th anniversary of the Diocese have begun and further announcements related to the official programming will be issued in the coming months.

N.B. Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral Basilica is a member of the Quebec Religious and Spiritual Tourism Association (QRSTA).



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